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Your first step in getting support should always be your medical team, but sometimes you need to talk to someone who has been through all the tests, survived treatment and started to plan for life afterwards. In this section you'll find all kinds of support and information whether you're the patient, carer or loved one.

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Just diagnosed?

Take a deep breath – if you're like most people who have just been diagnosed with cancer, panic and fear will be a huge part of what you are experiencing right now. Feel free to read just a bit of this information now and then come back to it later, ideally when you have had a more detailed diagnosis from your consultant.

In this section we give you advice if you have just been diagnosed, talk about your choices, what questions to ask your medical team, where to get advice on financial support and, most importantly, how you can get individual advice and support from fellow patients and carers. We also provide handy downloads of some of the information.

Before reading more information in this section, if you think you may have bladder cancer, but have not yet had any tests or investigations, we recommend that you take a look at our section on diagnosing bladder cancer. It is important that you know what tests you will need to undergo and the investigations you will need to experience before your doctor can confirm whether or not you have bladder cancer.

For more extensive help following diagnosis, visit our comprehensive Just diagnosed section. 

What you need to know

The information you need to know differs depending on the details of your bladder cancer diagnosis.

Here's a quick reference to the places on the website where you can find additional information, whatever your diagnosis.

  • Diagnosis
    This covers all the tests the doctor and medical team will use to find out as much as they can about your bladder cancer so they can recommend the best treatment.
  • Treatments
    This section is full of information on the available treatments, whatever type of bladder cancer you have.
  • Surviving bladder cancer
    It can seem impossible to come to terms with what is happening to you, but here we talk about emotional issues facing a cancer diagnosis and how to plan for a brighter future.
  • Downloads
    We have a variety of information to download, including tips and advice on everything from diet and nutrition to holiday insurance.

Asking questions will help you understand more about your bladder cancer, your treatment options and how you can improve your prognosis.

We have pulled together the answers to the most important common questions. We always suggest taking someone with you to your appointments to help remember everything that you are told.

Questions for your team

Download our handy print-out guides

These downloadable pdfs are great to take to your appointments to make sure you cover everything that matters.

They include questions ... 

  • for your GP or before your initial tests
  • for your consultant when you get your first results
  • about your treatment plan
  • about how treatments may affect you
  • about your recovery.

Questions for your team

To see a full set of our downloads please see our Downloads page.

Getting support

In addition to the information and advice you will find on this website, at Fight Bladder Cancer we know that talking to other patients and carers can really help during your diagnosis, treatment and afterwards.

Read more about getting support here ... 


Financial support

Having cancer can put a strain on the family finances. When you are dealing with a cancer diagnosis you may be tempted to push financial concerns to the side, but it's really important to get this sorted alongside your medical treatment to minimise stress and anxiety in the future.

Giving advice on financial matters can be very complicated, with many different allowances and benefits available. If you need help with money matters, we recommend the information and support provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau

Your treatments: the essential information

For someone with (or suspected of having) bladder cancer, the potential of different treatments and outcomes is likely to be very worrying and confusing. There are many choices you might have to make at different points in your diagnosis and treatment.

We have divided our detailed information into the two different types of bladder cancer – non-invasive and invasive. Once you have a firm diagnosis, find out more about what's going to happen next and living with your bladder cancer:

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We’ve done everything we can to make all the information on this site as accurate as possible. Whilst we have had support from a small team of medical professionals advisors to review the general medical content of this site, please remember, that only YOUR medical team can give YOU specific advice about YOUR symptoms or illness. We encourage you to discuss any potential options with them.