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We are here for you. Email us, join our private forum, or call us on 01844 351621‬.


Have you, or someone you know, been diagnosed with bladder cancer? We’re here for you.

We’re a UK-based bladder cancer charity founded and run by bladder cancer survivors and their families, so we know EXACTLY what you’re going through. We support anyone affected by bladder cancer. We help to raise awareness, support medical research and we campaign to affect policy at the highest levels to bring about change in bladder cancer treatments. 

If you think you may have bladder cancer

Find out about signs and symptoms and the tests involved in getting a diagnosis. Please remember, there are many other illnesses that cause similar symptoms.

If you have just been diagnosed

Take a look at our just diagnosed page. There's information on likely steps in your treatment, plus advice on questions you can ask your doctors and consultants. You may feel very alone at the moment, but we’re here for you. Knowing that there are other people who know and understand what you’re going through can make a big difference.

If you are living with bladder cancer

Use our Get Help section to find out more about different treatments and tips from patients about living with bladder cancer. There are lots of ways to get support too. 

For information on how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting bladder cancer patients, please see our page on COVID-19.

Support us

There are lots of ways you could get involved through fundraising or volunteering. Every donation or action makes a BIG difference. Thank you. 

Get in touch

If you still have questions, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

We’re here to help you in your fight!

Private forum
Private forum

Talk in confidence about what’s worrying you in our PRIVATE FORUM 

We’re all affected by bladder cancer. Read our stories.

Get in touch

We’ve done everything we can to make all the information on this site as accurate as possible. Whilst we have had support from a small team of medical professionals advisors to review the general medical content of this site, please remember, that only YOUR medical team can give YOU specific advice about YOUR symptoms or illness. We encourage you to discuss any potential options with them.