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Become a Patient Advocate

As a bladder cancer patient you have a unique experience of how bladder cancer impacts on daily life. Could you use that experience to drive positive change for others? We’re looking for people to join us as Patient Advocates.

What’s involved

  • Do you wish more people understood bladder cancer?
  • Would you like to be involved in bladder cancer research?
  • Have you heard about a policy or law that you think is unfair?

By becoming a Patient Advocate, you’ll join a community of ambassadors where you can help Fight Bladder Cancer influence and improve national and international healthcare activities.

Being a Patient Advocate and speaking up for people with bladder cancer can make a huge difference in how healthcare is delivered in the future. By acting as a representative, and getting involved in a range of ways, Patient Advocates can help change the way a condition is managed.

As a Patient Advocate, you’ll receive training and contribute to one or more of the following activities:

  • Join meetings with the World Bladder Cancer Coalition
  • Give public presentations about various topics (such as your personal bladder cancer journey, Fight Bladder Cancer information, wellbeing with cancer) at events like rotary clubs; hospital awareness days; support groups; pharmaceutical team events
  • Give advice to research organisations on their research priorities – eg the National Cancer Research Institute and the Bladder Cancer Translational Research Consortium
  • Talk to pharmaceutical companies and universities to ensure that clinical trials take on board the views of bladder cancer patients
  • Review Fight Bladder Cancer's organisational strategy and projects
  • Review guidelines and contribute to consultations with organisations including Public Health England, NICE, Scottish Medicines Consortium, NHS and the European Association of Urology.

The team at Fight Bladder Cancer will work with Patient Advocates, side-by-side, to train and prepare them.

Fight Bladder Cancer is an official partner of the European Patient Ambassador Programme. It is a free, online, self-learning programme that introduces patients and carers to some of the basic skills and knowledge needed to represent themselves and others successfully.

Andie's Journey from Bladder Cancer Patient to Advocate

Join the team

If you would like to hear more about getting involved, please get in touch at


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