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Raise awareness

Raising awareness about bladder cancer is a key objective of Fight Bladder Cancer. Most people have never heard of bladder cancer. Most people diagnosed with bladder cancer had never heard of it until it crashed into their lives.

This lack of awareness has caused it to be a Cinderella cancer, with people who have heard of it thinking it is very rare. This is so far from the truth. Every year, 20,730 people in the UK are diagnosed with bladder cancer. It can affect anyone, male or female, young or old, and there haven't been any new treatments on the NHS for over 30 years. Despite this, it only gets 1% of the cancer research spend.

People are unaware of the main symptoms, and how serious it can be. Early diagnosis is key to improving the likelihood of beating this cancer, and it is essential that more people know about this cancer and its symptoms. By just talking about bladder cancer openly with your friends and relatives you can help. If everyone reading this tells just two people, and then those two people tell another two ... it all helps.

We hold awareness campaigns on a regular basis and work to get stories into newspapers and onto the radio and TV. Do get in touch if you can help us make a difference. 

Our awareness campaigns also target the medical profession.

Our awareness campaigns also target the medical profession.

From researching the causes of delayed diagnosis to training medical teams about what bladder cancer is like from a patient perspective, we work with professional organisations to make both primary and secondary care more aware of the realities of a bladder cancer diagnosis.


How you can help raise awareness

Making a donation or fundraising can really help our awareness efforts, but there are three practical things you can do to help that will make a big difference.

  • Check that your hospital has our information posters and leaflets available for all bladder cancer patients, and that they are telling them about us. If not, please do let us know.
  • Talk to your GP and get them to put up our awareness poster about bladder cancer and have our awareness leaflets on display.
  • Tell your GP about the advice pack we can send them about supporting their patients with bladder cancer.
  • Talk to your friends and relations about bladder cancer. Tell them about Fight Bladder Cancer and how their help can make a real difference.
  • Let us know if you want to help with any of our campaigns by emailing us.

Patient stories in the local or national press, radio or TV are always another good way of raising awareness. If you are happy for your story to be featured, please do get in touch at

If you would like to get more involved in raising awareness, please take a look at our Events Calendar to see if you can help in an existing campaign or event.

Get in touch

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