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Get involved: Awareness Month


Find out how you can get involved this May!

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is a global campaign aimed at focusing attention on bladder cancer.

We feel that now, more than ever, it is important that this year’s Awareness Month offers a sense of community, appreciation and love. We hope you will be able to join with us in solidarity during May – perhaps signing up to our 31 days of May Activity Calendar – and working with us to show our community that we remain here to support them. 

How you can help & take part in Awareness Month

During this time of reduced social contact, FBC will be relying on social media, technology and its website to achieve its fundraising and awareness goals. 

We need your help this May to carry on raising awareness of this neglected cancer whilst raising urgently needed funds for Fight Bladder Cancer. With these funds the charity will be able to continue supporting patients, who are feeling isolated and alone more than ever. We really want to carry on improving the lives of people affected by bladder cancer.

Don’t forget that one of the easiest ways you can help is to set up a regular donation.

Patient, family member, carer, employer, friend or part of a healthcare team – we welcome you all.


Give support to patients & families
Make a regular donation to support our work. We will spend your donations with care, adjusting out services and support programmes so that we can continue meeting the needs of the many people affected. You can also be there for people you know are affected.

Share Fight Bladder Cancer messages
Play your part by sharing our Facebook posts and Tweets with friends and family. You can also use our Bladder Cancer Awareness Month Facebook frame for May! Share your posts and photos using the hashtags #BladderCancerAware and @BladderCancerUK

Thank medical professionals and the NHS
It's International Nurse & Midwife Day on 12th May so join us in saying an extra big thank you to our wonderful nurses.

Fundraise & take a challenge!
While we may still not be able to participate in mass fundraising events this year, like runs and sky dives, you can either make a pledge to take up a fundraising or sporting challenge later in the year, or choose a challenge that can be done from home. Get some ideas from our 31 Days of Bladder Cancer Awareness Calendar.

Wear orange
Raise awareness by raiding your wardrobe – why not dress up in orange for a day – or even the whole month! We have some fabulous bright orange T-shirts that are just the ticket.

Don't forget that a huge part of Awareness Month is joining together to do things that are fun and that raise awareness. As well as fundraising activities and awareness plans it's more important now than ever that we band together as a community, providing extra support to everyone affected by Bladder Cancer. After all, wee are family.

"Fight Bladder Cancer has made such a difference to me. With their incredible support, I’ve had many questions answered, shared my worries and made friends for life. Through it all, I’ve had the Wee Family behind me. 

Despite the continued restrictions of Coronavirus, I’m still determined to make the most of Bladder Cancer Awareness Month this May. Now, more than I ever, I will be keeping in touch with other patients, wearing orange, taking up the 31-day challenge and sharing messages on social media whenever I can."

Paul Michaels

Join us for 31 Days of Bladder Cancer Awareness

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month Calendar
Bladder Cancer Awareness Month Calendar


1st MAY  It’s the start of Bladder Cancer Awareness Month! Show you care by adding the BladderCancerAware frame to your profile photo on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

2nd MAY   Follow us on Twitter @bladdercancerUK and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to as well. Tweet today #BladderCancerAware and share your message with our followers.

3rd MAY  Think orange and raise money for Fight Bladder Cancer. We've got lots of ideas on this page and you can create your own fundraising page here.

4th MAY  What's your bladder cancer story? Inspire others who are more recently diagnosed by sharing your journey.

5th MAY Come and take part in this online quiz, with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places! You can find the quiz here.

6th MAY  Wear your FBC wristband and upload a selfie to our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

7th MAY Can you set up a monthly gift to FBC? Regular donations really help us with our work.

8th MAY  Look for gorgeous orange flowers on your Wee Walks, and share the pictures with us.

9th MAY Take a photo of the orange sunset and post it online on our general Facebook page, on our private forum (if you are a member), on Twitter or you can email it to us.

10th MAY Share your messages of hope with Fight Bladder Cancer on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

11th MAY  Sign up for tomorrow’s weekly quiz

12th MAY  It's International Nurses Day – show your support for your nurse by posting on social media with the hashtag #InternationalNursesDay

13th MAY  Join in with our fun dot-to-dot butterfly and show us your finished pictures!

14th MAY  Do you buy through Amazon? Shop via Amazon Smile and support FBC every time you make a purchase.

15th MAY  Bake an orange cake- yum!

16th MAY  Learn to juggle with some oranges – if possible ask someone to take a photo or a video! Maybe ask your friends to donate £1 for every 10 seconds you succeed!

17th MAY  Donate to our virtual collection tin and help us continue our work. Text BCAM2021 to 70085 to donate £5.
Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £5 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text 5FBCNOINFO to 70085.

18th MAY  It's European Cancer Nurses Day today – please thank your nurse 

19th MAY  Get your quiz heads on tonight

20th MAY   Wear something orange for the day and encourage your friends to too! Let them know why May is a special month for all those affected by bladder cancer. Get your team mates / family to join in! 

21st MAY  Plant some seeds/seedlings for gorgeous orange flowers like Marigolds, Crocosmia or Begonias and bring some Fight Bladder Cancer sunshine to your garden or balcony. Maybe you’re a veggie lover and it’s time for the carrots to be planted? Show us your photos

22nd MAY  Have a look in our shop and see what’s available to buy! This helps to raise money for the charity and awareness of the disease.

23rd MAY  Take a Wee Walk for Bladder Cancer.

24th MAY  Share our poster (You Are Not Alone) from the Download section below with others, to show them that Wee are family. You can print this out to show it to your family or friends or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

25th MAY  Help raise awareness – sign up for your free car stickers. Bladder cancer patients and family members are welcome to join our supportive chat online tonight at 19.00 GMT

26th MAY   Ready – steady – Quiz Night!

27th MAY  We produce our Fight magazine twice a year – available in both a hard copy and digital format. To receive your free copy of the latest edition fill in our form.

28th MAY  Say thank you to the NHS by displaying an orange heart on social media

29th MAY  let people know we are there for them. By sharing our social media messages and encouraging your friends and family to share too we make as many people as possible Bladder Cancer Aware.

30th MAY  Donate your fundraising total to Fight Bladder Cancer today and help us to support people affected by bladder cancer.

31st MAY  Blow bubbles and remember. Every May we blow bubbles to remember all those affected by bladder cancer

You can download a handy version of this calendar below and put it up on the fridge or the kitchen wall to share with your family. We look forward to seeing you take part in the coming weeks. Good luck and most of all, enjoy yourself and THANK YOU.

Join us to blow bubbles on 31st May.


Bubbles for Bladder Cancer

Bubbles for Bladder Cancer is an annual event for people across the world affected by bladder cancer. This special day in May we stand together for those currently undergoing treatment, those lost to cancer, cancer survivors, and everyone who has been affected by bladder cancer in some way.

At 10 am local time, wherever we are in the world, we stand still for a moment and blow bubbles. This event raises awareness of bladder cancer, and helps us to recognise people who have been affected by bladder cancer. Please remember to post your pictures, of you and your friends and family, to social media and, if you can, try and get everyone to make a donation to Fight Bladder Cancer to help us with our essential work.

Wee Walks for Fight Bladder Cancer 
We usually ask our supporters to take a Wee Walk during May to promote bladder Cancer Awareness. However, in light of the Covid pandemic, ask communities to be aware of their local guidelines when organising walking groups. If walking is part of your daily exercise, you may wish to walk in connection with Bladder Cancer Awareness Month and share some images of your own Wee Walk. Why not see if you can spot some orange flowers and butterflies along the way! But remember, please stick with current social distancing guidance.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most important things I can do during May to support awareness?

Share the tweets and Facebook posts the charity puts out, tell your family and friends about your experience of the disease and use our calendar of events to join us in raising awareness

  • How can I reach the FBC team?

Please call 01844 351621 or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can

  • How can I share my activities?

Use your online presence on Facebook or Twitter to tell people what you're up to and why – don't forget to tag the charity in your posts #BladderCancerAware and @BladderCancerUK. Email images to us and we'll share them as well.

  • How will the charity spend the money I have raised?

The money raised will be spent with great care and efficiency to help the charity deliver against its four main objectives – support, awareness, research and policy.  To keep up to date with the work Fight Bladder Cancer is doing then please complete this form.

Any other questions? Just drop us an email.

Thank you!

You are the key to our success – particularly during these uncertain times – and we can’t thank you enough for all your efforts. We appreciate every single person who has contributed to our Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in the past, and we really hope we can continue to work together this year.
P.S. Don’t forget to send us your pictures and details of your orange activities!

#BladderCancerAware   @BladderCancerUK

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