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We are here to make a difference! 

Many people with bladder cancer are alone, isolated and afraid. You can help them today by supporting Fight Bladder Cancer to build a community that helps patients and carers fight this disease together. Do you know someone affected by bladder cancer? Your support can make all the difference.

Help fight back, get involved and make a difference in the fight against bladder cancer. In this section, you can learn the many ways to support us, from donations and fundraising ideas to raising awareness, helping with a local group and even buying something from our little shop. Together we can make a huge difference.

If you are a healthcare professional, make sure you signpost your patients to us so that we can work with you to help support your patients. If you can help in any way, please do get in touch via this link.

Why donate

We get no financial support from the government so donations from individuals and fundraising events are essential in funding our work. Whether you give a one-off donation, sign up for a regular monthly contribution or do some fundraising, you can be sure that every penny is being spent on the essential work of Fight Bladder Cancer.

We need all the financial support we can get to make a difference to people affected by bladder cancer. It currently has just 1% of cancer research in the UK, despite 20,730 people in the UK being diagnosed with bladder cancer every year. Help us make a difference.

Find out all the ways you can donate to help us fight bladder cancer here or why not just ...



Fundraising for Fight Bladder Cancer is one of the most effective ways of helping us with our work as a charity. Not only does it raise essential funds for us, it helps raise the profile of bladder cancer with the public. That’s something that can directly save lives.

There are many fun and easy ways you can raise money to support Fight Bladder Cancer and all the work we do. And of course, you can also run marathons, jump out of a plane or climb a mountain and other crazy things to help raise awareness and funds!

If you want to arrange a major event for Fight Bladder Cancer, do get in touch with our fundraising team at

You can book your place to join in from a great selection of organised events where you can support Fight Bladder Cancer together with top tips on how to plan and promote your fundraising, read more here ...

Raise awareness

Raising awareness about bladder cancer is an essential part of our work, and you can help in many ways. Just getting people to understand the causes and symptoms will help save lives.

We run regular campaigns and events, both locally and nationally, that you can get involved with to help spread the message. Our annual Bubbles for Bladder Cancer event is now being taken up internationally and is growing from strength to strength. Raising awareness is essential to reducing to the number of people that get bladder cancer and how successful treatments are. Find out what we are doing and how you can help here.

Another way you can really help is to make sure that your GP surgery and your hospital have our posters up and have leaflets available for all bladder cancer patients. As we all know, getting a bladder cancer diagnosis changes your life, and we want to make sure that everyone knows we are all here to help them along the way.

Why not print a leaflet from our downloads page and take it on your next visit? Do tell them that we will send them as many as they want, free of charge.

If you would like larger numbers of these, or high resolution printed versions, please drop us a line at

To read more please see our raise awareness page. You can also see the full range of our downloads here ...

Events calendar

Running a bladder cancer event?

If you are running a bladder cancer event, taking part in a fundraising challenge, holding a meeting or running a local support group, do let us know and we can help with publicity. 


Buy something lovely in our SHOP

We have lots of awesome things in our shop that you can buy which will help support our cause. Not only will your purchases raise funds for our work, our awareness goodies all help spread the word about bladder cancer and help to change things for the better.

Explore our shop here where you can buy ...

T-shirts, wristbands, sports vests, pin badges and much more!

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