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A bladder cancer diagnosis can mean many things and is as individual as you are. This means that there is no standard path through bladder cancer treatment. Your medical team will recommend different treatment options specific to your diagnosis. Sometimes this might mean you have to make a choice about which treatment to have.

Most people need time to reflect on new information given to them and do their own research before making a decision.  

This section looks at the different treatments given for bladder cancer. The information has been written by patients and medical professionals to help you to make the right choices for you. It explains technical words and exactly what happens during procedures and recovery afterwards. You can find out more about the three different treatment categories below.

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We’ve done everything we can to make all the information on this site as accurate as possible. Whilst we have had support from a small team of medical professionals advisors to review the general medical content of this site, please remember, that only YOUR medical team can give YOU specific advice about YOUR symptoms or illness. We encourage you to discuss any potential options with them.