Our new FIGHT magazine

We are Proud to announce the launch of our new Fight magazine

At the end of June, we launched the first edition of our new Fight magazine, at the BAUS conference in Liverpool. The first ever quality magazine for the whole bladder cancer community of clinicians, nurses, researchers, patients and carers.


Our new Fight Magazine is launched

We are very proud of our first edition Fight magazine, a ground-breaking magazine aimed at the whole Bladder Cancer community.
We hope to be the place for informed discussion on the big topics of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.  Our goal is that together, we can make a major change and stop bladder cancer being a killer.

Since our launch at the BAUS conference we have had contacts from hospital urology departments and specialists across the country, requesting packs of the magazine for their staff and patients.  We have received very positive feedback from Urology professionals, and favourable comments about the impact which this magazine could have on the Bladder Cancer community, both patients, carers and professionals. 

We hope that you find the magazine to be fascinating, educational and enlightening.  You can download a copy of the first edition directly from this website, or if you prefer, you can subscribe to receive a year's editions (3 magazines) delivered direct to your door.  Just visit the "Shop" section of the website, and place your order.




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