Jane's Story

Jane Pidcock is a bladder cancer survivor. Unfortunately, her story is a very familiar one for many women- her symptoms were misdiagnosed.  Since her diagnosis, Jane has thrown herself into fundraising for Fight Bladder Cancer.



“After several years of urine infections, bladder infections and tons of antibiotics- I had finally had enough,” explained Jane. 

She was finally seen by a locum Dr at her local hospital late one night for an emergency after weeing blood. 

She was referred for a cystoscopy, where tumours were found two weeks later. 

She was shocked; she had no idea about bladder cancer.

“I had a TURBT, and my results were G1 PTA,” she said.  

Her journey began in 2017, and eventually, in 2021, after yearly maintenance cystoscopies, she was hoping to get the all clear. However,  two more were found. 

"Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the Dr offered to take them out there and to save me having to go home do all the PCR tests and isolating as I’m a manager of a care home I couldn’t take too long off work," she explained.

"I'm still not all clear yet."

Since her diagnosis, Jane has thrown herself into fundraising for Fight Bladder Cancer. She says this is due to her support during her cancer journey. 

“When I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, I had never heard of it before,” she said. 

“I was stunned and upset by the diagnosis, but I always believed that knowledge is power. I searched online and found FBC on Facebook and joined the support group. 

“I asked questions, and the whole group were highly supportive. I read how Andrew founded it and that it was just a small charity. 

“This is why FBC is different; being founded by people with the illness, it seemed more personal. Raising awareness of this cancer is vitally important, and that is why I try to raise money when I can.”

You can find the link to her latest fundraising project, FBC candles, here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1182425403/fight-bladder-cancer-fundrais....

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