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  • Jane's Story

    Jane Pidcock is a bladder cancer survivor. Unfortunately, her story is a very familiar one for many women- her symptoms were misdiagnosed.  Since her diagnosis, Jane has thrown herself into fundraising for Fight Bladder Cancer.


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  • Mary's Story

    To mark World Cancer Day, we spoke to Mary Lovett, a bladder cancer patient, who was finally diagnosed after a long and frustrating journey. Her story demonstrates how much work is needed to close the diagnosis gap for women so stories like hers become less common in the bladder cancer community.

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  • Stewart's Story

    Bladder cancer receives just 1% of cancer research funding in the UK, despite being the 4th most common cancer in men in the UK. A lack of funding and knowledge of the condition means that often people with bladder cancer wait too long for a diagnosis.

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  • Lack Of Specialist Staff Is Leading To Quality Of Life And Sexual Wellbeing Problems For Bladder Cancer Patients

    28 May 2021

    Extensive research project from charity Fight Bladder Cancer finds bladder cancer patients’ quality of life and sexual wellbeing is being impacted by a lack of specialist staff to provide them with the care and support they need

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  • Bladder cancer maintenance treatment not recommended by NHS in England

    Thursday 6 May 2021

    As Bladder Cancer Awareness Month kicks off, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has announced that it is not recommending avelumab (Bavencio) for use as a maintenance treatment for people with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial (bladder) cancer after chemotherapy. This is deeply disappointing, and we urge NICE and the manufacturer to continue discussions. There are currently no maintenance treatments - treatments that can slow the rate of cancer and stop it progressing - routinely available for these types of patients on the NHS. 

    Professor Alison Birtle, oncologist and trustee at Fight Bladder Cancer said “This is a plea to NICE and the manufacturer. Please continue your discussions and resolve your current uncertainties around cost-effectiveness. Patients are not numbers - this drug can give them good quality time and is the biggest change in bladder cancer management we have had in decades. This decision, if it stands, will be hugely disappointing to so many patients with bladder cancer, who could see their lives greatly extended if they had access to this drug. Whilst other cancers have seen life extending drugs funded time and again, bladder cancer survival has not improved over the last 20 years in the UK.”

    Although NICE agreed that “clinical trial evidence shows that if people take avelumab it takes longer for their cancer to get worse, and they live longer than if they have best supportive care”, NICE stated that “the most likely cost-effectiveness estimates are much higher than what NICE normally considers an acceptable use of NHS resources”. 

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  • Patient charity launches unique and inspirational bladder cancer guides

    9 November 2020

    Patient-led charity, Fight Bladder Cancer, has launched the first ever suite of ten booklets designed to provide bladder cancer patients and their families with the help and information they need about every stage of the disease.


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  • 2021 Calendar

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  • Zoom support groups

    Affected by bladder cancer? Come and join us at our online Zoom support groups.

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  • Help to raise awareness - display a car window sticker!

    Display a car sticker to raise awareness of bladder cancer and the help that's available from Fight Bladder Cancer

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  • Facebook fundraisers

    We are incredibly grateful to everyone who financially supports us; every penny of the money that is donated or given from fundraising is spent with care to support those affected by bladder cancer.

    One of the ways that you can do this with Facebook fundraisers and they're a really easy way to raise money for Fight Bladder Cancer.  So, if you've got a birthday or celebration coming up, please consider using this opportunity to help us.

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