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  • Our policy requests to the incoming Government

    We extend our congratulations to the newly appointed Prime Minister and the incoming government. This election marks a pivotal moment for our nation, presenting an opportunity to address crucial issues and implement meaningful change.

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  • Fight Bladder Cancer at GMB Congress 2024

    Raising Awareness of Occupational Exposure to Cancer-Causing Chemicals

    The GMB Congress 2024 was a significant event for Fight Bladder Cancer, where we had a dedicated booth to raise awareness and provide support for those affected by bladder cancer due to occupational exposure to cancer-causing chemicals

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  • Fight Bladder Cancer Strategy Retreat

    May 2024

    In May 2024, our trustees gathered for a Strategy Retreat led by Angela Style, a consultant from the Centre for Charity Effectiveness. It was a chance to connect face-to-face and shape the future direction of Fight Bladder Cancer

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  • Fight Bladder Cancer Event at the Houses of Parliament

    21 May 2024

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported the Fight Bladder Cancer event at the Houses of Parliament, which took place last week during Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. This significant event aimed to elevate the conversation about bladder cancer, ensuring it becomes a priority on the parliamentary agenda. Our goal was to secure commitments from MPs to help achieve our policy objectives.

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  • My First Experience with a Urine Test for Bladder Cancer

    By Melanie Costin


    For some time now, patients like me have been hoping that there would be a simple test that could detect bladder cancer, something easy and that would hopefully not be invasive … maybe even a urine test. Well now products like this exist, urinary biomarker tests. 

    I won’t try and explain here all the ins and outs of how they work, please head over to our new webpage on urine tests ( if you would like more information. However, recently I had my first experience with a urinary biomarker test, and I want to share this with others who might be navigating similar waters.


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  • Preparing for a urostomy

    Samantha Sherratt, Transformation Director at the Urostomy Association.

    Being told that you’ve got cancer and need to have your bladder removed can be a shock, particularly if you’re recommended for prompt surgery for a urinary diversion, such as a urostomy. The best way to overcome any fears and to prepare for the new you is to ask lots of questions from those in the know.  

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  • European Association of Urology Congress 2024

    By Melanie Costin

    The European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress held in Paris was an enlightening experience. As a bladder cancer patient advocate, it was heartening to witness firsthand the leaps in research, treatments, and patient support showcased throughout the event.

    Fight Bladder Cancer was represented at this event by Andrew Dearden (Chair of the Trustees), Alison Birtle (Trustee and Medical Advisor), Param Mariappan (Medical Advisor), Lydia Makaroff (Chief Executive), and me – Melanie Costin (Director of Patient Engagement & Support).


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  • Fight Bladder Cancer's Inaugural Presence at the Royal College of GPs Conference

    By Johnstone Shaw

    Fight Bladder Cancer recently made a significant stride in its mission to raise awareness and support for bladder cancer by hosting its first-ever stand at the Royal College of GPs Conference. This event allowed us to engage with general practitioners, medical students, and healthcare professionals, sharing vital information and resources about bladder cancer.

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  • Deborah Major: A Beacon of Hope at Fight Bladder Cancer

    Deborah Major has resigned from her role as a trustee of Fight Bladder Cancer to focus more on her health and her family.

    Despite stepping down, We are grateful that Deborah’s commitment to Fight Bladder Cancer and our aims remains strong, and that she will continue her invaluable work hosting the Southampton bladder cancer support group and the Bournemouth May Awareness Walk, in addition to maintaining her vital role as a bladder buddy.

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  • Darron, radical cystectomy, and choosing life over fear

    With Florence Maponga

    Meet Darron, who narrates his story from diagnosis to treatment and his advice to other bladder cancer patients.

    My name is Darron; I am 53 years old and have been a chef all my life. I have always enjoyed country pursuits – fishing, dog training and general outdoor life- a relief from the pressures of a commercial kitchen. Back in 2015, I noticed some blood in my urine but put it down to kidney stones as I passed what I thought was a stone about a week later. I thought nothing more of it until I again saw blood in November 2021, at which point I went to my GP, and there, my journey started.


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