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About us: Meet the team


Dr Lydia Makaroff is the CEO of Fight Bladder Cancer and Vice President of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition. Prior to her current roles, she was the Executive Director at Europe’s largest cancer patient umbrella organisation – the European Cancer Patient Coalition. Lydia holds a PhD in immunology and a Masters’ degree in Public Health. She has worked across many different sectors in health: in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and the non-profit sector. She previously conducted medical research at the Australian National University; worked as a senior post-doctoral fellow at the University of Washington; and for the International Diabetes Federation as their Epidemiology and Public Health Manager. When she's not with her family, friends, or cats, Lydia likes to cycle through green spaces or read a good book.

Support Services Manager (part-time) and bladder cancer patient

Melanie discovered the charity early on after her own bladder cancer diagnosis. Her role has many facets, including providing information and support; talking at support groups; raising awareness; running the Bladder Buddy service; and being an administrator on our forum. When she gets invited to medical meetings, she gets the patients' voice out there. Her current job is a far cry from her pre-bladder cancer life as a technical draughtsperson. Away from work, she runs an art class for dementia patients. She also loves cats, music, travel, and she's a cemetery photographer.

Office Manager (part-time)

With over 30 years experience in book-keeping, Sue joined Fight Bladder Cancer in 2016. Sue answers telephones, deals with orders, replies to enquiries for leaflets and posters, covers the admin tasks, and pulls together the financial paperwork. Together with colleagues, she occasionally loads her car with all things Fight Bladder Cancer and drives to a urology conference or health awareness day to set up our stand. Away from the office, she enjoys needlecrafts, drawing, beadwork, crosswords, Sudoku and reading. She loves hunting for vintage fabrics and beads at car boot sales and markets.


Supporter Care and Community Engagement Manager (part-time)

Sophie started at Fight Bladder Cancer in 2018. Sophie's career has always been within the customer delivery environment. Sophie has initiated and managed a number of large events over the past six years. Her own personal experience in fundraising gave her the push to join Fight Bladder Cancer. Her spare time is spent looking after her two teenage children. She enjoys eating out, live music events, spending time with family and good friends, and she has a passion for anything creative.


Bookkeeping Assistant (part-time) and bladder cancer patient

For over 29 years, Michael worked as an accountant for a fire and security alarm company. He assists with the accounting system, data entry and reporting. Michael was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2013, and whilst he has had a couple of recurrences since, he has now been clear for the past three years. Michael likes to cycle, and has cycled from west London to Brighton a couple times in the past. He has also enjoyed scuba diving in Australia and Malta.


Corporate Partnerships (volunteer)

Anne has 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She has lived and worked in the US, France, the UK and Switzerland. She has an undergraduate degree in music and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Anne stopped paid work in 2017 and is currently working with charities on a volunteer basis. Her role with Fight Bladder Cancer is to build mutually beneficial relationships between the charity and its corporate partners to improve outcomes for cancer patients. Anne has been married to her husband for 30 years and they have two grown children. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, learning, singing, and sports.


Office Support (volunteer) and bladder cancer carer

Sue is a radiographer with over 30 years in the NHS. Her father's diagnosis of bladder cancer led her to leave her role in the NHS, take up other part-time work and free up some time to do some voluntary work with Fight Bladder Cancer. Sue has counted stock, parcelled up magazines, learnt how to use e-Bay, and become an expert at folding T-Shirts and packaging them, in readiness for the lovely people who buy them online for their own fundraising events. Sue has even put together IKEA tables and bookshelves for the charity!


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