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Payroll giving

Make your work-hours matter even more by giving a regular gift to Fight Bladder Cancer through your payroll.

This sort of gift is made directly through your salary and is a tax efficient way to support our life-saving work. It’s simple to set up. Let us tell you how.

What is payroll giving?

Payroll giving is an easy way of giving a donation directly from your pre-tax salary. Because the donation is taken out before tax, a donation of (for example) £12 every payday will only cost you £9.60 (the ‘taxman’ pays the other £2.40). If you’re a 40% tax payer, a £12 donation will only cost you £7.20.

How your donation helps

Your donation would help someone like Paul. Paul cares for his wife Deb, who is a bladder cancer patient. He used the Fight Bladder Cancer website and the forum to find information and support about the disease and treatments.

Your generosity will ensure that many more people like Paul can access urgent advice, to help their loved ones fight this disease.  

You are in control

Giving via your payroll puts you directly in control of your giving. You can give as much or as little as you want and you can stop your donation whenever you like.

Make your gift go further

Depending on where you work, your employer might match your gifts up to a specific amount. It’s worth having a chat with your HR team or colleagues to find out.

Set up a donation today

To learn about how you can support us through your payroll, please contact us on

If your situation changes

If you change jobs or your working situation, your donation to Fight Bladder Cancer will automatically stop when you leave. If you’d like to continue donating, you will need to let the payroll team at your new employer know, so they can set it up.

Keep in touch

If you do kindly decide to set up a payroll gift to Fight Bladder Cancer, please do email us at so we can thank you properly. We’d like to keep you updated on our work and how your donation is making a real difference. Thank you so much.

Get in touch

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