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Donate in celebration

Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, a new baby, a memorial, your retirement or a birthday – your event could help raise money to fight bladder cancer.

Asking for donations instead of gifts is an inspirational way to mark a special occasion. It can also provide crucial funding to help fight this devastating disease.

Whatever the celebration, it’s YOUR day. Here's how you can support Fight Bladder Cancer in your chosen way - online through our donation platform or Facebook, or with collecting tins in-person.

Your celebrations

Getting married? Congratulations! By asking your guests to donate to Fight Bladder Cancer instead of giving a wedding gift, you could give patients and their families access to more of our support and information.

Anniversaries are also a perfect opportunity raise funds while celebrating an important date. Maybe it’s a wedding anniversary or a year since your health improved or the anniversary of the day you first got your dog! Or you are looking for a way to mark the memorial date of a friend or family member that you wish to celebrate. By setting up a special page you could generate an annual celebration that people can continue to visit long afterwards.


Create a celebration page

Whatever the occasion, set up a special celebration page via our own platform or via JustGiving. All money raised will go towards helping the vital fight against bladder cancer.

If you and your community use Facebook, it may be easier to set something up there. Setting up a Facebook Fundraising page is an easy way to ask people to donate to Fight Bladder Cancer.

Hints and tips for your celebration page

  • Include images and stories explaining why you’ve chosen to support Fight Bladder Cancer
  • Decide on an overall fundraising target and add it to your page
  • Add the link to your page on your invitations, emails and your thank you messages
  • Ask your most generous friends to donate first to set a great example!
  • Thank people for their donations. 

Other celebration fundraising tips

  • Ask your friends to donate to Fight Bladder Cancer instead of giving a gift. Add a link to our donate page into your emails and invitations (
  • Pop a collection box on your gift table! Drop us an email and we'll get one to you -
  • Speeches – thank everyone who has helped and donated, and tell them the amount you have raised so far. Remind everyone else of your target and let them know it’s not too late to make a donation.
  • Favours and gifts – visit our shop where you can buy badges or wrist bands to give out at during your celebration.
  • Get competitive – set up games, competitions and quizzes for your guests to enter with a prize for the winner!

Supporter stories

Jennifer and Chris Marr used their wedding celebration to raise funds for Fight Bladder Cancer. Jennifer explains:

"Chris and I decided to have a fundraiser at our wedding in July 2019 as his daughter has been a bladder cancer patient. It is a cause close to our hearts. We asked guests to donate what they could while at our reception. Fight Bladder Cancer supported us by providing us with a bucket for donations that was clearly labelled with the charity name and logo on it. We also had a letter of authentication and some balloons to place around the collection area to which we added our own sign with our own connection written on it. Guests commented that it was a lovely idea and many donated the cost of a drink to the collection when they were at the bar buying a round of drinks.

The pay in slip provided by FBC made it very easy to pay our donations in at the bank after our wedding and our lovely certificate of thanks was waiting for us when we returned from honeymoon. Fight Bladder Cancer is a small but powerful charity helping raise the profile of a common but chronically underfunded cancer. We were so pleased by the total we raised and it made us feel that by working together we can make good things happen!

Keith Riddell is a bladder cancer patient from Northumberland. He generously chose to raise money for Fight Bladder Cancer through Facebook.

"I decided to fundraise for Fight Bladder Cancer as I am in remission from Bladder Cancer. I was diagnosed in September 2019. It is not in the high prevalence category, therefore low in funding priorities. The charity was so grateful for my support. 

My family have all supported me throughout my diagnosis and bladder cancer journey. Some of them sent wonderful words of love on my birthday and made me realise how precious I am to them."

Get in touch

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