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Fundraise with your community

Can you help inspire people in your community to donate to Fight Bladder Cancer? There are so many ways that you might be connected to your community and can help – whether it is asking for a collecting slot with friends outside your local supermarket, or linking your hobbies to fundraiser for us – such a playing sport, or playing in a brass band!

Not everyone likes organising things – so if you don’t want to there are always things going on in local community organisations that you can ‘jump onto’ such as pub quizzes for charity or car washes in partnership with local scouts and girl guides. It’s often just a question of asking.

We can provide materials, leaflets and collecting buckets and are on hand to give you support.


Community fundraising ideas

  • Are you a baker? How about a cake sale or / coffee morning at your local social group, sports club, church etc
  • Community music / arts event – are you part of a local group who likes to perform? Perhaps they would get behind you and Fight Bladder Cancer and put on a show?
  • Are you a community crafter? Maybe you can knit, sew, stick, paint with a group of friends and sell your items to benefit us? We would happily share your products on our social media platforms.
  • Do you know a local restaurant or café who might donate a percentage or fixed cost for a specific dish to FBC? You’d be surprised that local food outlets really enjoy doing this. Some Fight Bladder Cancer supporters filled a curry restaurant and raised over £1,000 in one night.
  • Set up a local jumble / car boot sale, sell tables / spaces and invite people to sort out items they no longer require for recycling.
  • If you play darts - how about organising a darts match and charging for entry? Your local pub might like to sponsor the event as it will benefit their bar takings!
  • Packing at your local supermarket – get in touch with your local store. You’ll be surprised they often offer slots for charities. All you need are a bunch of friends to volunteer to pack bags, in exchange for a donation to the charity. We can supply collecting buckets, bibs, posters and flyers.

Set up an online fundraising page

Whatever your challenge, set up an online fundraising page through Enthuse, our preferred fundraising platform.

It’s really easy to do but please do contact us if you need any assistance.​

We can help

Pick up the phone and get in touch – we’re here to help you make your challenge or event a success – email or call 01844 351621

When organising any event we can advise on whether donations are eligible for Gift Aid and how best to manage this. Gift Aid means a potential increase of 25% on top of everything you raise, making your fundraising have an even bigger impact!

To request awareness materials for your fundraising event, please fill in this form here:

Materials and resources

We have heaps of fun and interesting materials and resources that we can send you to support your activity. The main ones are listed below – but you can always call us on 01844 351621 or email to discuss special designs and ideas.

Do contact us to ask about the following:

  • Posters to advertise your idea/event
  • Support with obtaining local licences for raffles
  • Awareness materials like posters and table banners
  • Bright and fun FBC t-shirt to wear whilst taking part in your activity
  • Letter of Authority that confirms you’re acting on behalf of the charity (this can often support requests for raffle prizes etc)
  • Personalised Text to Donate code which you can use to support your activity, making it easy for people to donate to your cause
  • Collection tin / bucket
  • Car stickers, pens, metal lapel badges, small stickers, awareness posters and leaflets

Most important of all – have fun, take some photos and tell us your story! And of course, send us the money afterwards


To see a full set of our downloads please see our Downloads page.

Get in touch

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