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31 days of Bladder Cancer Awareness

A whole month's worth of ideas for ways you could get involved with Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.

Pick one or two, or do all 31! Let's make some noise this May!

Week 1 

1st MAY  Sign up for a Fundraising Challenge! 

2nd MAY   Update your profile picture with our #BladderCancerMonth24 selfie frame

3rd MAY  Tweet about #BladderCancerMonth24

4th MAY  What's your bladder cancer story? Inspire others who are more recently diagnosed by sharing your journey.

5th MAY Raise awareness for bladder cancer by putting a Fight Bladder Cancer sticker in your car window, sign up here and we'll send you the stickers out for free!  Take a Wee Walk for Bladder Cancer – get as many friends as possible and family involved. You could even ask for sponsorship!

6th MAY  Have an orange themed party. You can make it orange themed with orange foods!

7th MAY Take a photo of the orange sunset and post it online on our general Facebook page, on our private forum (if you are a member), on Twitter or you can email it to us

Week 2

8th MAY  Donate to our virtual collection tin and help us continue our work. Text 2024BCAM to 70085 to donate £5.
Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message.

9th MAY Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Fight Bladder Cancer 

10th MAY Share your messages of hope with Fight Bladder Cancer on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

11th MAY  Host a coffee morning for Fight Bladder Cancer! Let us know you're organising one, and we'll send you some cake toppers!

12th MAY  It's International Nurses Day – show your support for your nurse by posting on social media with the hashtag #InternationalNursesDay

13th MAY  Plant some seeds/seedlings for gorgeous orange flowers like Marigolds, Crocosmia or Begonias and bring some Fight Bladder Cancer sunshine to your garden or balcony. Maybe you’re a veggie lover, and it’s time for the carrots to be planted? 

14th MAY  Ask your local pub to organise a quiz night in aid of Fight Bladder Cancer

Week 3

15th MAY  It's International Family Day! Spend time with loved ones 

16th MAY  Become a Community Champion or Patient Advocate

17th MAY  Wear your Fight Bladder Cancer wristband and upload a selfie to our Facebook page or Twitter feed

18th MAY  It's European Cancer Nurses Day today – please thank your nurse 

19th MAY  Share the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition's new bladder cancer icon   

20th MAY   Wear something orange for the day and encourage your friends too! Tell them why May is a special month for all those affected by bladder cancer. Get your team mates / family to join in! 

21st MAY  Raise awareness for bladder cancer by putting a Fight Bladder Cancer sticker in your car window, sign up here and we'll send you the stickers out for free! 


Week 4

22nd MAY  Have a look in our shop and see what’s available to buy! This helps to raise money for the charity and awareness of the disease.

23rd MAY  Start a conversation! Talk to five people today about bladder cancer and encourage them to get involved. 

24th MAY  To join our Zoom support groups, complete the form below, email Melanie, or call 01844 351621.

25th MAY  Ask your GP to request an awareness pack at

26th MAY  Complete one of our 19 Fundraising challenge ideas! 

27th MAY  Our Fight magazine is available in hard copy and digital format. To receive your free copy of the latest edition fill in our form.

28th MAY  Bake an orange cake and sell it at a bake sale… or just eat it yourself!

Week 5

29th MAY  Send us your pics of what you got up to this Bladder Cancer Awareness Month! 

30th MAY  Donate your fundraising total to Fight Bladder Cancer today and help us to support people affected by bladder cancer.

31st MAY  Blow bubbles and remember. Every May we blow bubbles to remember all those affected by bladder cancer.

1 JUNE Bladder Cancer Awareness Month may have ended, but our commitment to fight bladder cancer is ongoing. Can you set up a monthly gift to Fight Bladder Cancer? Together we can fight bladder cancer for years to come.

We look forward to seeing you take part in the coming weeks.

Good luck and most of all, enjoy yourself and THANK YOU.

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