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Bladder Cancer Awareness Month


We need your help this May!

Help raise awareness of bladder cancer so we can continue to improve the lives of everyone affected by this neglected cancer.

Every year we encourage our wonderful 'wee' family to get involved during May to spread the word, raise awareness and take on some fun fundraising challenges. Get inspired by some of our heroic fundraisers from previous years. 

One of the easiest ways you can help is to set up a regular donation. Just £5 a month will make a huge difference.

Simple ways to get involved

Make some noise on social media
Share, like and comment on our posts. Join in with the hashtag #BladderCancerMonth24 and tag us @BladderCancerUK

Thank medical professionals
It's International Nurse and Midwife Day on 12 May. Join us to thank our nurses.

Fundraise and take a challenge!
Make a pledge to take up a fundraising or sporting challenge later in the year. Or come up with a great 21 Challenge (see below) for May.

Wear orange
Raise awareness by raiding your wardrobe – dress up in orange for a day or even the whole month! We have some fabulous bright orange T-shirts that are just the ticket.

Don't forget that a huge part of the May activities is about joining together to do things that are fun and that raise awareness. It's more important than ever that we band together as a community, providing extra support to everyone affected by Bladder Cancer.

After all, wee are family.

To help kickstart your BCAM activities, we've made it even easier for you to sign up for a free pack of resources! If you visit you can choose which of our materials you need to help you get started. 

"Fight Bladder Cancer has made such a difference to me. With their incredible support, I’ve had many questions answered, shared my worries and made friends for life. Through it all, I’ve had the Wee Family behind me. I’m determined to make the most of Bladder Cancer Awareness Month this May. I will be keeping in touch with other patients, wearing orange, taking up the 31-day challenge and sharing messages on social media whenever I can."

Paul Michaels

Our ‘21’ Challenge

Over 21,000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer each year in the UK. To raise awareness of this shocking number, we're challenging you to complete a fundraiser involving the number 21!

Here are just a few suggestions of how you can do this:

  • Grab friends or family, and between you walk 21,000 steps a day every day in May
  • Put together a list of 21 chores that need doing around the house and sponsor a family member to tick them all off during the month
  • Do 21 sit-ups or press-ups a day, every day for a month. Get fit and raise funds at the same time!
  • Sponsor your child or grandchild to read 21 books during May (or try to do this yourself!)

Check out our poster for more inspiration and once you’ve decided what your challenge will be, set up your fundraising page.

Wee Walks for Fight Bladder Cancer 

This May, why not gather together a group of loved ones and organise a Wee Walk to raise awareness of bladder cancer?

There will be walks happening across the UK during the month, so you'll be walking in solidarity with other people affected by bladder cancer.

Please do get in touch with us if you're thinking of hosting a walk. We can give you free Fight Bladder Cancer materials and support in helping to organise and advertise your event.

Bubbles for Bladder Cancer – 31st May

Bubbles for Bladder Cancer is an annual event for people across the world affected by bladder cancer. On this special day in May, we stand together for those currently undergoing treatment, those lost to cancer, cancer survivors, and everyone who has been affected by bladder cancer in some way.

At 10 am local time, wherever we are in the world, we stand still for a moment and blow bubbles. This event raises awareness of bladder cancer, and helps us to recognise people who have been affected by bladder cancer.

Please post pictures of you and your friends and family, to social media. If you can, encourage everyone to make a donation to Fight Bladder Cancer to help us with our essential work.


Share your story

Could you share your personal story? This year's topic of uncertainty is something that just about everyone can get involved in! 

Share the moment you discovered a symptom, the uncertainty you overcame, and your relief that you acted on it when you did. Please invite others to share their moments on social media and help raise awareness about bladder cancer.

If you see blood in your wee, need to wee more frequently or have what you think could be a UTI ... 

If you feel unsure, get checked. See your doctor.

One of the main barriers in the timely diagnosis of bladder cancer is related to the symptoms. Symptoms and how people respond to them can vary, especially as some symptoms are not immediately seen as linked to bladder cancer. The discovery of blood in the wee, painful weeing, and irregular weeing can all be mistaken for other conditions, causing bladder cancer to be overlooked.

Our campaign aims to bring attention to the misrepresentation of symptoms and encourage people to re-evaluate their symptoms, as what they thought they saw may be something different.

During Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, our goal is to spark conversations that raise awareness about the disease by highlighting the symptoms of bladder cancer and overcoming any barriers to seeking medical advice.

Thank you!

You are the key to our success – particularly during these uncertain times – and we can’t thank you enough for all your efforts. We appreciate every single person who has contributed to our Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in the past, and we really hope we can continue to work together this year.


Would you like to get involved?

Please call us on 01844 351621 or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

You can also keep up to date with our work by receiving our brilliant Fight Magazine and newsletter. Simply complete this form.

Awareness month downloads

To see a full set of our downloads please see our Downloads page.

Get in touch

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