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The words that none of us ever expect to hear: ‘you have bladder cancer’ are likely to be ringing in your ears. Along with rising panic, you may be feeling overwhelmed, frightened and angry.

After getting this news you are embarking on a journey. Right now, as you begin, the most important thing you should know is that you are not alone. Remember, there are thousands of other people living with this disease. There are people and resources to help you find the information you need so that you can make the best choices and get support.

Take a deep breath. You are likely to be feeling a mix of panic and fear which is very common in people who have recently had a diagnosis.

When you are ready, the next step is to find out more about the diagnosis you received and what is likely to happen next. 

Sharing the news

Breaking the news to other people will not be easy. You may feel worried about upsetting friends and family. You may need to tell work colleagues or your boss. You may need to explain the situation to children.

Breaking the news that you’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer can be very difficult. Some of us find it easy to talk about cancer whilst others of us worry enormously.

Head to our page on Telling friends and family to find tips based on patients’ experiences which might help you manage the situation and your worries. 

Speaking to others about your diagnosis, whether friends, family or our forum members, can really help.


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