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Fight Bladder Cancer is proud to launch our Exemplar Report, based on four years of research across the United Kingdom. 

The Exemplar project was designed to collect the views and experiences of bladder cancer patients, carers and health care professionals in the UK to summarise the strengths and gaps in current bladder cancer services from the perspective of the people accessing and running it. The project was comprised of four key phases; project scoping, a review of existing guidelines and literature, interviews with health care professionals working with people affected by bladder cancer, and interviews with patients and their carers and family members.

Building on these insights, we have developed a set of ambitious yet achievable recommendations across the bladder cancer pathway, in pursuit of an exemplar pathway that transforms experiences and outcomes for all bladder cancer patients. The report highlights areas where action can be taken now to support improvements, as well as areas where solutions should be co-created with the bladder cancer community.

The Exemplar Report was launched on Thursday 20 May 2021, as part of Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. Below you can watch webinar discussions outlining the findings of the report and how the bladder cancer community can work together to ensure that the United Kingdom delivers the Exemplar care that bladder cancer patients deserve. 

Putting in Place an Exemplar Pathway

In this Session 1 of 3, we introduce the Exemplar project, and discuss Putting in Place an Exemplar Pathway: improving bladder cancer services as a whole, including delivering quicker referral and diagnosis for those with suspected bladder cancer, and exploring the need for a standardised pathway across the UK.

The Exemplar project, video 2 of 5

Growing & Developing the Bladder Cancer Workforce

In this Session 2 of 3, we discuss Growing & Developing the Bladder Cancer Workforce: ensuring that the whole bladder cancer workforce is sustainable now and in the future, with Clinical Nurse Specialists in particular, supported to deliver comprehensive and high-quality holistic care

The Exemplar project, video 3 of 5

Awareness, Support & Involvement in Care

In this Session 3 of 3, we discuss Improving Awareness, Support and Involvement in Care Across the Pathway: developing best-practice procedures and guidelines for communicating holistic and psychological support to patients, carers and family members, ensuring that patients are empowered to make informed decisions about their care

The Exemplar project, video 4 of 5

We are grateful to Astellas, Bristol Myers Squibb, the Merck-Pfizer Alliance, MSD and Roche for their support in covering the costs associated with the Exemplar Project, and to Arquer Diagnostics for funding the online survey conducted by Brainsell. Editorial control of all materials has been retained by Fight Bladder Cancer.

Download the full report and the roundtable report

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